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Space Power Undergraduate Awards 2016-2017
Posted 12 September 2016, Up-dated 17 October 2016

The Space Power Laboratory is launching its first competition to encourage and support undergraduate student interest in space power as a systems discipline. The Space Power Awards Program is working with several universities and colleges with specialized space systems and renewable energy programs to focus on the complexity and multidisciplinary nature of space power and power storage challenges.

The awards for the 2016-2017 academic year will include two $500 cash awards to the students who complete and submit a research paper on a space power topic. The students submitting a paper must include a recommendation from a faculty member, advisor or director. All papers submitted will be published on the Space Power Awards Program web page. There is no cost to enter. For further information on program requirements, please visit the "Undergraduate Awards Program" page.


Above: Martian smart structures membrane drone conceptualized to be deployed in hundreds to cover the Martian atmosphere and surface providing a remote sensing, communications and navigation network for future explorers and autonomous system networks. Below: The original membrane device concept integrated for autonomous micro aerial vehicles, membrane drones.

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