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The Space Power Lab partnering with Star Sailor Power to build new test chamber for orbital payloads as well as more earthly pursuits

10 September 2018

Star Sailor Power in partnership with the Space Power Laboratory team, has completed engineering for a new test chamber that will provide new capabilities for the virtual laboratory's researchers.

The innovative modular design is based on Aerospace Research Systems' materials test chambers that have supported environmental controls for a variety of materials analyses and development for more than twenty years.

The new test chambers and equipment under development will be installed in the Space Power Lab's first physical facility late next year.

The chamber supports laser and optical measurements of prototypes and test articles while controlling environmental parameters. The chamber is one of five new devices in development for applications in actual orbital space research.

Keywords: space power, microgravity operations, test equipment, space research, innovation


Above: Martian smart structures membrane drone conceptualized to be deployed in hundreds to cover the Martian atmosphere and surface providing a remote sensing, communications and navigation network for future explorers and autonomous system networks. Below: The original membrane device concept integrated for autonomous micro aerial vehicles, membrane drones.

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