The Space Power Laboratory™

The future of space power

Space exploration and commercial space development are dependent on innovative power solutions. Power storage for decades has been nearly exclusively supported by chemical batteries. Continuing issues in battery safety, environmental impact and the growing power density requirements for microgrid applications on Earth and in space are driving new technologies to the forefront. New approaches to energy harvesting created by Star Sailor Power's storage technology could change the paradigm for power storage forever.

The Space Power Laboratory is a virtual organization working to build multidisciplinary, collaborative efforts to meet the needs of diverse and critical sustainable power solutions.

Announcing the Space Power Awards Program

Beginning in 2016 – 2017 academic year, awards will be given to the two most technologically innovative and competent research papers from undergraduates majoring in space sciences, technology or engineering.
The ultimate goal of this program is to expand the understanding of space power as a systems discipline and increase recognition of space power among students of space sciences, engineering and technology. PLEASE NOTE IMPORTANT DATES HAVE CHANGED. Please see "Undergraduate Awards Program" page.


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