The Space Power Laboratory™


The Space Power Laboratory is a cooperative project founded by Star Sailor Power, LLC. and supported by Aerospace Research Systems, Inc. (ARSI). For two-decades ARSI has been creating sustainable technologies for Earth and space.

The virtual Space Power Laboratory is commercializing Star Sailor Power's patented technology for application to aerospace systems.

Technological applications

The new multidisciplinary project will focus on developing Star Sailor Energy's patented power storage and on-demand power technologies integrating ARSI's revolutionary multifunctional smart structures. ARSI's artificial neural membrane technology established a new class of functional structures. An earlier ARSI study funded by the NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts (NIAC), demonstrated the diversity of applications of membrane structures controlled by neural algorithms and fabricated from advanced materials. Almost a decade ago, ANM technology provided the first glimpse of integrated 4D systems for the Internet of Things (IoT).

From the Internet of Things (IoT) to electric vehicles, sustainable power storage for renewable energy and mobile technologies is at a critical stage. Scalable power storage creates a solution for many major impediments in emerging areas of commercial space, renewable energy, smart structures, DC power systems, electric vehicles, autonomous systems, robotics and medicine. The newest field of energy storage offers opportunities for applications of intelligent materials and ARSI's new class of functional structures.


Martian atmospheric IoT. ARSI's ANM TEchnology.

The development of planetary and interplanetary IoT systems challenges not only network engineering, but the requirements for reliable and sustainable power. For these new space-based IoT systems to be successful, energy intensive communications and computing must be supported. Star Sailor's patented power storage and on-demand power technology provides alternatives to battery stacks with energy densities approaching electrolytic battery technology. New approaches to energy harvesting created by Star Sailor's power storage technology could change the paradigm for power storage forever.

Left: ARSI Ramstar Orbital Spaceplane has an innovative microgrid-based power system that is designed for redundancy and modular support of payloads and laboratory pods. The current Ramstar simulator uses the same concept to prove adaptive power function for a variety of commercial and research devices and systems.
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